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Essential Reiki's Sei-He-Ki
Traditional Reiki's Sei-He-Ki

The Sei-He-Ki is perhaps used for more purposes and more situations than any other Reiki symbol.   In addition to being used in nearly every conceivable healing situation, which might possibly include an emotional component, Sei-He-Ki is used for cleansing and purification, protection, to clear negative energy, to release spirit attachments and in distant healing.   It can be used to purify food and medications, and, when used with Cho-Ko-Rei, can clear crystals and boost the healing properties of medicine.   Sei-He-Ki useful in treating addictions to reduce or eliminate cravings. And it can be used to reduce negative behaviours and attitudes rooted in current life situations.   For example, it can often help smooth the path of troubled teens.

Sei-He-Ki's powerful cleansing and protection abilities make it ideal for cleaning and blessing individual rooms and complete homes and buildings.   Use it both to clear locales of the negative energies resulting for current life arguments and events as well as those from the long agos, including the release of spirits and thought creatures which have become attached to places and things.   Counsellors, for example, can use it to clear their counselling rooms after every session.

Sei-He-Ki can also be used to clear energy blockages, release sprit attachments and to repair tears in the aura.

The healing focus of the Sei-He-Ki is on the emotional body.

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