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General Comments about Reiki Symbols

The nature of Reiki symbols has been, and continues to be, discussed and debated, particularly on the World Wide Web and in Usenet news groups.   There is no consensus as to their nature, although there is a consensus the symbols are effective in both increasing the energy of Reiki and in focusing Reiki's energy.   Perhaps the clearest analogy is that of the lens.   Like a magnifying glass which increases the power of the sun's rays by focusing them onto a small point, Reiki symbols appear to have a similar effect on Reiki energy.   However, this is clearer in the case of some symbols than in others.  

It appears that all of the variants of a symbol actually work.   This suggests the two dimensional nature of the symbols passed down by Usui sensi (and others) are only crude representatives of the actually energies involved.   Too, many Reiki practitioners have a strong sense their Reiki Guides modify the symbols in some way before they are used.   The symbols, then, are very likely symbols of symbols.  

This notion is reinforced by the numerous reports of symbols seen in 'unearthly' colours as well as different colours of the normal spectrum.   There are also frequent reports they symbols are seen moving in various ways.   And this includes reports of the symbols shifting through multiple dimensions and/or having multi-dimensional components.  

The Reikifire Ministry recommends to its clergy that you continue to use the symbols are you were taught only until you are completely comfortable with that approach.   After that, the ministry recommends you relax, let go of your expectations, and ask your Reiki guides to use the colours, movements and symbol variations which are most appropriate for the moment.   I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.  

Your Contributions

If you have knowledge of other symbols, won't you share them with us?   And if you have experiences or information not covered about any symbol already in the library, please share this as well.   All contributions will be posted as time allows and the contributer credited.   Personal abundance flows through our sharing.

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