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Essential Reiki's Dai-Ko-Myo Essential
Traditional Reiki's Dai-Ko-Myo Traditional
Reiki Variant Dai-Ko-Myo Seichim
Reiki Variant Dai-Ko-Myo Tibetan
Reiki Variant Sunyata
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Dai-Ko-Myo has multiple purposes.   First it is used to pass attunements.   Second it is a powerful healing symbol, perhaps the most powerful currently available to us.   Third, it can be used to cleanse and charge crystals and other objects.  

This page only discusses the modern version of Dai-Ko-Myo, a double spiral, combined with the Raku.   But all the forms have the same purpose and Reikifire Ministry clergy are encouraged to use the symbol they are most comfortable with.   Feel free to experiment, but don't get caught up in debating which is correct, for it is likely none of them are actually 'right.   ' (See the discussion on the Library Index page)

Discussion is also limited, at least for now, to usage as taught in Reiki - Teachings from the Heart.   Again, all clergy are encouraged to use the methods they are most comfortable with -- and to experiment with other methods as well.   You will learn best about the symbols by using them and letting your Reiki guides teach you.   It is likely that no single method is best for every situation.  

Because the modern form is a double spiral, all clergy using the modern version should review the comments on spirals found in the discussion of the symbol Cho-Ku-Rei.  

The Dai-Ko-Myo is the first symbol used when passing attunements.   It is usually visualized over the crown chakra prior to drawing any of the other symbols.   In Essential Reiki, it is also drawn into the palms of both hands and, for Level III attunements, also drawn into the crown chakra.  

This symbol can also be used to cleanse and charge crystals and to charge medications during their manufacture.  

The Dai-Ko-Myo greatly increases the healing effects of all forms of Reiki Healing.   Therefore, this symbol is generally used with every healing, whether hands-on or distant, individual or group, or aimed at a person, thing or situation.   Use it often, you will be amazed at the results.  

The healing focus of the Dai-Ko-Myo is the spiritual body.  

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