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Rama supports healing in the following areas:

Lower chakras
Rama is an excellent symbol for grounding. You can even draw it onto the feet should the need arise, to bring a person "down to earth". This technique will also move any blockages out the feet and has the potential to release pain. Rama helps in the healing of issues of the lower chakras such as willpower, survival, family identity (1st chakra). Establishing boundaries, issues about money and sexuality (2nd chakra).

Clearing the mind
Rama visualized on the soles of the feet helps clear the mind, by means of allowing earth energy to soothe the whole being. It feels great after a long working day. The congested energies can be directed to Mother Earth in order to be recycled. Don't forget to thank Mother Earth.

Clearing a room/house
You can prepare/clear your healing space or any other room by putting Rama in the center of the room and/or the four corners. This will allow any negative energies to flow away. It will ground the room and divine energy from above will flow into the room. You can also visualize Rama in the center of the room and focus your mind intent to having the space cleared of any energy which if of less than divine perfection. This greatly enhances your healing work and is helpful for all uses of that particular room, as there will be an abundance of divine love and light.

Harmonizes the chakras
Rama brings about a balancing of the chakras and their properties.

Enhancing determination and completion
Power alone won't work. Compassion and love alone won't work either. Rama helps us to take compassionate loving action and enhances our ability to make decisions, in alignment with Spirit I might add - and not to comfort our egos!

Material goals and their manifestation
Rama is said to act like a healing magnet. It connects us with our higher consciousness. Archangel Michael's presence has been observed when we create for the highest good of all. Through thought, creative intention, with the addition of our excitement and joy, involving our physical being, we have massive power to manifest what we desire.

Completes a session
It happens frequently that a person leaves the body during a healing session. Rama can be used to bring them gently back, grounding them and allowing any insights they might have received to come into consciousness.

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