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Kriya supports healing in the following areas:

Visualize each side of the symbol going down each leg. Place the upper part in your hips with the spirals in your feet. This will create a strong connection to the earth and pull your consciousness more fully into your body. It is also said to lead you along your path in a very practical way.

Kriya can be used for manifestation. Write what you desire to manifest on a piece of paper in the form of an affirmation or a prayer. Be clear about what you ask for and add that this be true as long as it is in alignment with God's will. You can use this method for anything you desire to manifest in your life. Then empower your manifestation every day by mind intent, see it energized with your enthusiasm and joy. You also may want to visualize the Kriya when you "charge" your affirmation/prayer.

Light-Switch-Huna is a great technique to add to all of your prayer and manifestations !

Setting Priorities
In all decisions we have a choice. Kriya helps us set our personal priorities and preferences, and it supports us in the releasing of any attachment we still hold.

Healing the human family
Kriya is wonderful for healing the human family. See all people harmoniously live together, joyfully joined, happily laughing, hugging or holding hands. Imagine God's children playing in a beautiful garden called Gaia.

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