Wise Spirits and Great Warriors, guide and walk with us on this path that we now walk together. Grant us the wisdom we well need to walk hand in hand and to support each other on the Red Road of life.

Teach us to respect and honor our elders who have already walked the path that we now set upon.

May all the two-leggeds, the four-leggeds, the winged ones, and the swimmers walk with us on this path we now walk. For with them we will have the wisdom, knowledge, love and spirit of our ancestors.

Together we shall become the children of our ancestors, and in time become the ancestors of our children.

Grandfather Grey Wolf, Lakota Sioux, Ohio

You may use a copy of this prayer for your personal use; however, if you wish to mass distribute or publish, please contact Grandfather Grey Wolf first as it is copyright 1999, 2000 to Grey Wolf all rights reserved.

Our thanks to Grandfather Grey Wolf for his permission to share this prayer with you.