Buddha Laughter is laughing at yourself, life, the Whole Universe... with great love and appreciation; and feeling the wonderful, mind boggling paradox in that.

Buddha Laughter is laughing with the Universe at the sheer joy in being; and feeling that beingness expanding all around you... without you having to 'do' any 'thing'.

Buddha Laughter is not being able to contain the joy of remembering Who and What you really are any longer.

...it is the moment you forget who you THINK you are... and FEEL Who and What you really are. And it seems to slip in out of nowhere... at any time... unannounced. But, once it's slipped in... it feels ever so right, fits into the day ever so nicely.

...it is no longer being able to remain serious about the whole thing: life, the universe... the 'Whole' thing. The absurdity of seriousness overwhelms you, washes over you, drenching you in the dancing lightness of being.

It's the 'Whole' feeling that really trips you up and breaks your composure. I mean, who would have thought... there was anything beyond thought... that was so... BIG? And that this big thing that we are a part of is on our side. That this big thing that we are a part of, and participating in just by being... is actually very friendly; loving, caring, inspiring, powerful beyond measure... gentle as a dew drop hanging from a leaf, sparkling like a diamond in the sun.

All this -- the Whole Universe -- is you, is yours, knows you're here, is inspiring you, is helping you remember Who and What you really are in every way imaginable... and more.

...it's the "...and more" that's the clincher, the spell breaker, the punch line.

Buddha Laughter is to feel the totality of It All in one brief instant of remembering... and FEELING what that remembering feels like.

...one has to laugh or cry. One has to do both. Only, we thought that after the crying there was nothing else. Little did we know that there is another side to tears, another kind of tear. A tear that may be salty in the physical sense; but, in the inner worlds of your being, this tear is sweet. It is tears of joy, tears of laugher, tears of gratitude and appreciation for simply being a part of all this wonder; this living magic we call the Universe.

Buddha laugher is all the religions and philosophies, dogmas and beliefs, written and spoken words... everything imaginable that you have ever been told is the Truth and/or will lead you to the Truth. It is all of this and more washing through you -- in one ear and out the other -- in a wonderful torrent of energy in motion. It's feeling the essence of all that... FEELING what all those words -- at their very best -- were all about.

...all these words and notions, beliefs and superstitions, become a fiery thrust behind you, propelling you into the Heart Of It All. And you feel yourself as that which is at the head of this thrust. You allow this booster rocket to break free behind you, and you are propelled silently forward into infinite space, infinite light -- infinite joy becoming more joy; love becoming more love through our simple awareness upon the power and potential within each and every moment of our lives.

Buddha Laughter is... always there, waiting to be born into the moment by our simple allowance of it.

Buddha Laughter is everywhere... all the time, heard by those aware of that place inside themselves.

Buddha Laughter is ancient child laughter; wise and completely new and innocent at the same time.

...it is born out of the ashes of desires long since fulfilled and unfulfilled.

...it is to be old beyond imagining, young before time.

...it is to become... by being.

...it is infinite speed and absolute silence at the same time.

...it is all time -- past, present and future -- dropped into your lap while you were busy looking for something else.

Buddha Laughter is finally letting go of the railing on the roller coaster of life... and really liking the way that feels.

Author Unknown

Provided by: Rob Campbell