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This site is dedicated to the touch healers of the world. We salute all those wonderful people who use their hands to soothe and comfort others. They come from many places, practice many disciplines and call themselves by many names. We call them touch healers regardless of their discipline. Here those who bless us with Reiki, Swedish Massage, Accupressure, The Laying on of Hands, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Psychic Surgery, Therapeutic Touch and all the other named and unnamed touch healing methods are honoured.

Loving touch is one of the very first human experiences and considered sacred by Divine Touch Ministry.

Over the past centuries humanity has become alienated from the blessings of human touch. and been deprived of a beautiful healing gift. Avoidance of the loving human touch out of shame and guilt has brought much fear and loneliness to people.

Allow your heart to be touched
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This Site is being awakened by Rev. William J. McVay, D.D.

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