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Create a Reiki Stack

The creation and use of Reiki stacks is a relatively new technique for sending distant healing. Stacks are employed by Reiki II's and Reiki III's and have several advantages over other methods of sending distant healing.

First, Reiki stacks are an effective way of sending distant healing to multiple people at the same time. Second, Reiki stacks make repeated sendings of distant healing easier. The Reiki practioner can send Reiki to the stack on a scheduled basis. Three Reiki stacks make it easy for different Reiki practioners to send distant healing to the same people.

To learn more about Reiki stacks, visit Reiki Master Anthony Glenn Agee's site.

The stacks created here are persistant. That is, a stack will continue to exist

Enter the name of your Stack:

Enter the peoples' names:

Following tradition, the stack will be built with the names in reverse order. Unused spaces will automatically be filled in to create a ten level Reiki stack.

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