Reikifire Ministry  

A Divine Touch Ministry: ULC Affiliate

The Reiki Symbol Library

The Library currently includes over 70 different Reiki symbols, excluding varients, many of which are also included in the library. New symbols, and variants of old ones, arrive regularly. The library currently includes symbols from Traditional Reiki, Essential Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Kagami Reiki, Seichin Reiki, Tera Mai Reiki and school free channeled symbols from a variety of sources (including the 15 Wagle symbols).

Most symbols are annotated, many extensively. Others are waiting for annotation.

True Type Fonts have been created which include each symbol in the library. This facilitates the creation of professional handouts and literature by teaching Reiki Masters.

Future developments include animated drawing instructions for each symbol.

The Reiki Symbol Library, once a private library for the use of the Reikifire clergy, is now open to the public.

Enter the Library

For more information on becoming a Reikifire cleric, review the FAQ and Ordination pages.

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