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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Reiki Practitioner and a Reikifire Cleric?
We live in an age which makes a sharp distinction between the sacred and the profane, the spiritual and the secular. The Reiki Practitioner, regardless of personal views, officially (as seen by government) and unofficially (as seen by society), is engaged in a secular activity when practicing Reiki. A Reikifire cleric, on the other hand, is officially and unofficially seen as engaging in a sacred, spiritual and religious activity when practicing Reiki under the auspices of the Reikifire Ministry.

What can a Reikifire Cleric do that a Reiki Practitioner cannot do?
A Reikifire Cleric can do any of the things the clergy of other religions can do. In general, these includes things such as:

Two additional privileges are normally enjoyed by ordained clergy which are not available to the secular practitioner.

What else does the Reikifire Ministry offer?
At the moment The Reikifire Ministry offers a small, but growing, library of Reiki and other symbols, an electronic log for recording your activities as a cleric, and a mailing list at for all Reikifire Ministry clergy. Still under development is a library of Reiki activities defined as ministry rituals, rites or ceremonies.

I am a Reiki practitioner, but i also practice other healing methods. Which ministry is better for me, The Divine Touch Ministry or The Reikifire Ministry?
You can now be ordained in both ministries.

What is required to become a Reikifire Priest or Priestess?
There are three requirements for becoming a Reikifire cleric. These are:

What is the difference between a Reikifire Priest or Priestess and a Reikifire High Priest or High Priestess?
A Reikifire High Priest or High Priestess can pass attunements as a Reikifire church rite.
A Reikifire Priest or Priestess cannot.

What does the Reikifire church require of its clergy after ordination?
Nothing. However, the Reikifire Ministry will provide each cleric access to a private electronic log where he/she may record all church related activities. The Reikifire Ministry will maintain these files on behalf of the Reikifire Ministry cleric. This record can be critical if a cleric ever is required to demonstrate he/she actually functions as a cleric.

Is the Reikifire Ministry a 'legal' church?
Yes, within the United States and Canada. Divine Touch Ministries and The Reikifire Ministry are operated by The Church of the Sierras in California. The Church of the Sierras is a registered and legal congregation of the Universal Life Church of California. The congregation number for The Church of the Sierras is 60942

Other countries may or may not recognize The Church of the Sierras and its ministries as a 'legal' church. This is particularly true of countries with 'official' religions or churches and countries which officially reject all religions.

Other Questions
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