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Animals and Reiki

There are many stories told about animals and Reiki. We have heard stories of birds, dogs, a horse, a lizard, fish, and, of course, cats, responding to the subtle energies of Reiki. Cats in particular seems to believe that they either invented Reiki, own it or are natural Reiki Masters. Therefore the Reikifire Ministry has decided to recognize these animals and bestow upon them the title of

Reiki Cats

If you have such an animal, we invite you to register it and receive a Certificate of Recognition. It's fun. It's free. It's quick. Just fill out the form below. Your pet's certificate will be created instantly and you can print or download it for later printing. It is a nice certificate.

If you would like a more professional certificate than we can provide online, or want to support the work of this Ministry, here is your chance. For a donation of $15.00 (plus S&H) you get a personally signed, full size Certificate with the Church's official seal, recognizing your pet as a Reiki Familiar or Reiki Critter (your choice).

To see samples of your choices, just click on the images below. The larger certificates are 11 inches (28cm) wide by 8.5 inches (21.5cm) high. The free certificate is 5 inches (~13cm) wide by 3.5 inches (9cm) high.

Donate by clicking on the cat under the certificate you want.
To get your free certificate, follow the green instructions.

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To create your pet's free certificate, fill in all of the blanks.
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Reiki Critter Stories


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