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What is 'Ordination'?

Ordination has two components, the sacred and the profane. Creator's call to do His work and an individual's acceptance of that call are sacred. When this call is heard and accepted, Divine Touch Ministries believes the individual has been ordained by God to do God's work on earth. Within the Divine Touch Ministry, this call and answer are a entirely private affair between the individual and the God of their understanding.

The acceptance and registration of an individual as a cleric (Priest or Priestess) by a church or religious organization is profane, that is, of this world. It is this acceptance and registration which may confer various privileges and/or rights to the individual Priest or Priestess. Divine Touch Ministry will accept (ordain) any touch healer who desires to become a cleric.

I am a Reiki practitioner, but I also practice other healing methods. Which ministry is better for me, The Divine Touch Ministry or The Reikifire Ministry?

You may now be ordained in both ministries.

What training is required to become ordained within the Divine Touch Ministry?

None. While many churches require extensive education and training in their beliefs, creeds, rites, ceremonies and practices before ordination, The Divine Touch Ministry beliefs are so fundamental and simple, that no training is required.

What rituals or initiations are involved in a Divine Touch ordination?

At the moment, none. While many churches do have a ceremony, service, ritual or rite, to celebrate and/or confirm ordination, the Divine Touch Ministries does not. This may change at a later date.

What are the 'privileges' and 'rights' of a Divine Touch Ministries Priest or Priestess?

In general, Divine Touch Ministry clerics have the same privileges and responsibilities as the clerics of other faiths. In many areas, a Divine Touch cleric can marry folks, for example. However, the specific rights and privileges can and do vary tremendously from one jurisdiction to another, so every cleric has a responsibility to check the local laws. And in countries with 'officially' recognized religions and/or churches, Divine Touch Ministry clerics may NOT have the same rights and privileges as the clerics of the 'officially' recognized churches.

Particularly in North America, with its strong constitutional guarantees of freedom of religion, Divine Touch clerics may be less restrained by local laws and regulations relating to their particular type of touch healing than non-clerics. It is important to note, however, that if the only difference between a lay person's healing touch practice and a Divine Touch cleric's healing practice is the Reverend in front of the healer's name, it is unlikely the practice will be considered spiritual in nature by the local authorities.

Clerical status may also confer certain freedoms from liabilities. However, especially in America, where civil legal suits are more common, clerics can still be held libel for inappropriate conduct.

Conversations with a Priest are normally considered privileged. This is especially true of conversations during confession and during counselling.

Many local areas have anti-prostitution ordinances which prevent Reiki practitioners and other touch healers from practicing. Usually such ordinances do NOT apply to ministers. Thus ordination can often allow a touch healer to practice in spite of these restrictive local laws.

Who can be ordained?

Divine Touch Ministry will accept (ordain) any touch healer who desires to become a cleric and accepts our beliefs.

What are the beliefs of the Divine Touch Ministry?

There are three fundamental ones. These are:

Is the Divine Touch Ministry a 'legal' church?

Yes, within the United States and Canada. Divine Touch Ministry and The Reikifire Ministry are operated by The Church of the Sierras in California. The Church of the Sierras is a registered and legal congregation of the Universal Life Church of California. The congregation number for The Church of the Sierras is 60942

Other countries may or may not recognize The Church of the Sierras and its ministries as a 'legal' church. This is particularly true of countries with 'official' religions or churches and countries which officially reject all religions.

How do you know people are serious about doing God's work when they request ordination?

We don't. In fact, we are quite sure some people are NOT serious (although the donation for ordination does screen out many of the less serious). But, A Course in Miracles teaches that everyone who claims to be a healer, however fraudulently, opens the door for Spirit to enter their lives. And that, sooner or later, such folks will become healers in fact. So if you claim to do Creator's work and want to do so under the auspices of Divine Touch Ministry, we will welcome you with open arms, trusting Creator will see to it you WILL do His work.

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